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Leafy greens are some of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet, and our bodies need all the nutrients they can get to be healthy and lose weight.

If you are not eating lots of nutrient dense foods, such as leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and mushrooms – you will have a hard time satisfying your cravings for unhealthy foods and keeping the weight off.

Any of these smoothies is sure to fill you up with great nutrients and satisfy your cravings. They will fill you up, like no green juice could, because these drinks are full of fiber. Fiber keeps you satisfied for longer, plus it helps move things along the digestive tract. You will never have a problem with elimination if you drink your green smoothies regularly (I speak from experience ;-))

Kale is one of my favorite ingredients for green smoothies. It’s pretty neutral, so it can be used even in beginner smoothies (in smaller quantities), provided you have a powerful blender (such as Vitamix), or blend your smoothie on high for a couple of minutes.

Kale green smoothie


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Pomegranate Smoothies For Weight Loss

Pomegranate juice is by many considered of great help in weight loss. It has certainly been popular with health food junkies over the years as not only has it aided weight loss, but it can potentially help to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce dental plaque, and help to prevent cancer. Of course these are […]

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How a Young Mom Lost 55+ Pounds & Got Rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, Asthma, Eczema & IBS With Green Smoothies

If you are struggling with weight loss and chronic health conditions, and you think that a healthier diet might help, but you are not sure how to implement that diet into your lifestyle, here is an inspiring story for you.

I’ve been promoting green smoothies for a while – which are simply blended drinks made from fruit and greens, plus some non-starchy veggies, such as celery or cucumbers – when I begun to wonder what if we’d add some other ingredients to the smoothie, to give it more “staying power”.

I mean green smoothies are super healthy, but some people complain that they get hungry pretty quickly, even though they are very filling thanks to all the natural fiber. Especially if you are moving from the SAD diet, and want to use green smoothies as meal replacements, you may need something that will keep you full longer.

That is when I came across the idea of “green thickies”, which are basically green smoothies with grains or other thickening ingredients added. When I read that Katherine, the inventor of green thickies, lost 56 pounds, as well as healed herself of chronic fatigue syndrome in 6 months – I definitely wanted to know more.

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7 Green Diet Tips To Lose Weight, Be Healthy, and Save the Planet

Do you think about your weight a lot? Wondering what you should eat, how much, how often? Checking your weight a few times per day? I’m afraid many of us are guilty of that. Perhaps we should step back  a bit and look at the bigger picture. Let’s stop worrying about the diets, calories, weight […]

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Protein Shakes For Weight Loss: Powder-Less Protein Smoothie Recipe

High protein diet plans are among the more popular diets promoted these days by mainstream fitness magazines and media, and many people who are trying to lose weight and build muscle turn to protein shakes. They are said to be good for people wanting to lose weight and because of the high protein content, dieters […]

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Smoothie Maker Review: What You Need to Know To Choose The Perfect Smoothie Blender For Slim and Healthy Body

Blendtec Total Blender and Vitamix are both an awesome blenders – no question about it. Whichever one you have, use it to prepare green smoothies – with lots of leafy greens – kale, lettuce, spinach, arugula, collard greens, and other – will give you amazing energy, slimmer body, help get rid of cravings, and improve your overall health – without the need for any pills, powders, vitamins, appetite suppressants, colon cleansers, and other things that you may be hiding in your kitchen cabinets. […]

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Lemonade Diet Pros and Cons – Plus A Unique Lemonade Diet Recipe For Quick Weight Loss

Cleansing programs that clean out the digestive system have become quite popular among people who want to improve their health and lose weight quickly. Cleansing programs reverse the effects of foods that are high in acid that people usually consume on a daily basis. Lemonade Diet for Weight Loss: The Benefits A healthy cleanse can […]

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Best Metabolic Boosters: How To Increase Your Metabolic Rate Naturally and Burn More Calories (even when you sleep!)

Slow metabolism often gets the blame when people gain weight or have trouble losing weight. How come your brother devours pizza and hamburgers five times a week and stays slim, while you watch your carbs, count calories, and still keep putting on weight, having to go for a larger jean size every year? He must have […]

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Fasting for Weight Loss: Is Fasting To Lose Weight Quickly A Good Idea?

Why is fasting to lose weight not the optimal way to shed pounds for most people? Well, during the fast, your body has to use the energy stores to get the fuel it needs to keep going, which results in weight loss. But the results may not be as fast or as dramatic as one may expect, because our bodies have been genetically programmed to minimize the effects of fasting. So when we eat less food, our metabolism slows down to conserve energy […]

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Celebrity Diets Secrets: How Celebrities (and Real People, Too) Lose Weight – Alanis Morissette loses 20 lbs on Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live diet!

Do celebrities possess have any secret knowledge that allows them to stay slim and beautiful? Not really. But we still enjoy learning about what various celebrities do to keep their bodies in shape. Here is one celebrity diet “secret” revealed for you. Below you can read an excerpt from an interview with Alanis Morisette who […]

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Hypnosis to Lose Weight: How To Lose Weight Quickly With Weight Control Hypnosis (Weight Loss Hypnosis)

If you have a problem with losing weight and controlling your eating habits and you are open to trying unortodox methods of weight control, then weight loss hypnosis (or weight controll hypnosis) may help you tremendously in your efforts to shed those pounds. Permanent weight loss can happen only with nutritional awareness, long-term physical activity, altering emotional ties with eating, and changing poor eating habits into healthy ones. All these changes are difficult to implement, and it’s easy to slip back into old ways. Self-hypnosis can help change your deep beliefs that keep sabotaging your weight loss efforts. […]

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Green Smoothies For Natural Weight Loss: Why drink green smoothies and my favorite recipes for weight loss smoothies

If you want to lose weight fast by following a healthy diet and eating loads of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, you need to use some serious tricks to make it easier for yourself. I mean, come on, everybody KNOWS they should be eating fewer calories and more healthy foods, but how many people are actually able to DO it consistently on a daily basis?

The fact is, few people are able to actually incorporate the big amounts of greens and veggies into their diets that are required for optimum health and healthy weight loss. That’s one of the reasons why drinking green smoothies have been growing in popularity so quickly among the healthy weight loss enthusiasts – they are SUPER HEALTHY, SUPER EASY to make, and SUPER TASTY too!

And they will help you lose weight fast!

So, forget the diet drinks, protein shakes, and the like. Just grab your blender and make yourself a green smoothie. Your spouse and your kids will love them, too – I promise!

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Are You Looking For A Procedure That Has A Positive Fat Removal Outcome?

It could be that you have spent so much time online searching for ways to reduce stomach fat but with little success. As it is, abdominal fat can be so annoying because it is packed in between the torso and the lower body internal organs making it quite difficult to remove. However, with the right […]

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Getting In Motion With Weight Loss This New Year

The new year is coming up, have you thought of any resolutions? If your weight or fitness level is top priority for this next year, let me give you some pointers about how to get you going. Getting Started Getting motivated and actually working towards your goal might just be the hardest part about getting […]

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Reduce Your Body Fat One Day at a Time

Have you ever had a task to do that seemed daunting when you looked at the project as a whole? I have. But if you conquer the project little by little, one day at a time, until you are finished, it is much less overwhelming. Weight loss is similar. If you think only have how […]

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Hunger Or Emotion?

Are your emotional needs making you fat? If you are fairly active and eat a reasonably healthy diet but are still over weight it could be that you are letting your emotions tell you when you are hungry rather than listening to your body. When you find yourself looking for something to eat, particularly in […]

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4 Great Tools To Achieve Healthy And Effective Weight Loss

If you have been struggling to lose weight then you should probably stop wasting your money on useless weight loss products. There are lots of products that promise overnight weight loss success but the only thing they do is to aid in losing your money. Before you start any weight loss program, you should note […]

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Are You Choosing A Good Weight Loss Program? Refer To These Guidelines!

There are numerous weight loss programs all over the place and different people swear that they have discovered the best one. Most people spend time looking for the “perfect” program, only to be disappointed each time. Before you start jumping from one fad to another, you need to know that a program that works for one person might not work for you. Trying to use someone else’s success story will not necessarily give you the results you are looking for. Several guidelines can help you in your search for the ideal program.

When looking for an exercise program, do not get caught up in trying to get too much knowledge. This can be very confusing as different “experts” differ on virtually every point. If you are too busy counting calories, avoiding certain foods, or doing something that you read somewhere else, you will not get very far. You can get the perfect body on your own terms and remember that there are also options like back fat reduction treatments.

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Navigating The Preparation Procedures For A Tummy Tuck

People from all over the world are now aware of the negative repercussions of not living a healthy life. Most people have changed their diet to allow for prevention of some common ailments that result from poor dieting. This includes obesity, high blood pressure, anemia, weak bones, heart problems, skin problems, and many other preventable […]

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5 Reasons Why High Self Esteem Enhances Your Weight Loss Goal

Research has shown that the mind plays a vital role in weight loss. People with high self-esteem will tend to lose weight more easily than those with low self-esteem would. One of the main reasons that this happens is that people with high self-esteem are solution oriented and they do not waste time blaming others […]

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Fat-Zapping New Technologies That Can Help Reduce Tummy Bulges

So, they say that you have gotten a stubborn tummy bulge that refuses to go away? Well, you need not worry anymore as today there are anesthesia free and noninvasive fat cells destroying technologies that are effectual when it comes to getting rid of problematic bulging belly. Simply put, if exercises and diet fail to […]

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Before Starting An Ambitious Weight Loss Program…

The concept of weight loss is one that many people think about, but which many tend to get wrong altogether. If you are thinking of losing weight, chances are that you may have tried to do a bit of research to figure out how you can go about it. There are a few things that […]

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